Pete by Lloyd Wolf

Maria "Pete"  Durgan:  Bass player, vocalist, songwriter.

After years of playing bass in rock, blues and country bands, Pete learned how to play chords on bass.  This was exciting!  She started writing songs. They were jazz songs.  She started playing them at open mics and people liked them.  People liked her voice.   She searched far and wide for other musicians to play them with her.  Then she met . . . .


John by Lloyd Wolf

John Cropp:  Guitar

John is a fabulous guitarist.  He's self-taught, learning from studying the greats like Wes Montgomery,  Django Reinhardt and Joe Pass.  He played with the Nostalgia Brothers, a Washington DC area group headed by Mike Wilkinson. He also formed a jazz trio and freelanced as a guitar player. A few years ago, he joined a band in which Pete was playing bass. Pete taught John a few of her songs and it worked nicely.

Then, they went looking for drummers . . .

(BTW, John was nominated for a Wammie award for Best DC Jazz Instrumentalist in 2008.)


And found these fabulous people!


Kirby Yarbrough

Kirby is a drummer who has also played drums and percussion in many bands over the years and is wonderful in a wide variety of styles.  He's also a fabulous sound engineer.  Pete met him several years ago during a brief stint in a rock cover band.  They  occasionally play together with Jerry Bresee, a local folk singer/songwriter. 



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Chris Keever

Pete met Chris at blues jams several years ago.  He's a great jazz and rock drummer, a veteran of many DC groups, including Angela Aki, Taylor Carson, Jesus, Manson Melloncamp and Laura Tsangaris. 


Kent Stacks

Kent Stacks

The original NovaZanz drummer, Kent is a proud punk rock guy. He is primarily known for playing in the iconic DC punk band Scream.  He loves playing fast and hard, loud, wall of sound, distortion, all of that.  And he plays beautiful latin/ jazz grooves, and swings like crazy.  Over the years he's played with the Nostalgia Brothers (where he met John), the Alleged Bricks, Darryl Davis, The Old Dominion Trio, and many other groups. 


Mister Ron Goad

Mister Ron Goad

Ron has played everything from classic rock to folk to country and jazz.  He's terrific on a kit, and swings away on a variety of percussion instruments, including a particularly interesting washboard tie.  He has played with many, many people and is a huge supporter of music in the Washington DC area.  His primary band is Night Music -- he's the newest member of the band having joined them in 1984. 


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