What's the Buzz?  Here's what people are saying . . .
  • "NovaZanz covers all the bases and then some. Great vocals, straight ahead playing, plus original songs. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out."  Billy F. Otis, Wild Oats Records Recording Artist, www.billyotis.com

  • "A seamless blend of standards and colorful originals."  Chris Keever, Drummer with Taylor Carson

  • We so enjoyed your trio last night at Cassatt's . . . you have such a great "Brasil 66 girl" voice.  Kathy H.

  • NovaZanz is fabulous! Wonderful sound, great musicianship, and they were having such a good time making music that they just made us all smile. We're goin' back for more! Laura and friends, patrons at Cassatt's Kiwi Cafe.

  • "I came by Bob O's and spent some time listening to NovaZanz and was delighted."  Lt. Col. Don Meers, Retired USMC

  • "I really dug your & John's bossa & blues combo. One of my lifetime "everest" challenges is working my way through some Jobim transcriptions . . .  beautiful but (to me) tough stuff. It's great to hear it done well."  Jon Cole

  • "Pete, you make me think of Nina Simone."  Angie at Bob O's

  • "You guys are just great.  We didn't plan to stay here so long, but we loved what you were playing. "  The Jet Blue Crew

  • Novazanz is incredibly talented and the next time you have a chance, come enjoy an evening of bossa nova blues and jazz at one of their gigs.  Mikaela D'eigh

  • "I walked into the restaurant and it felt like I had entered a scene in a James Bond movie, with you playing in the hotel lobby.  You are so cool!"   Khun Ya patron

  • YOU GOT IT GOINí ON BABY!!!  Your guitarist is AWESOME, he has that Larry Carlton / Lee Ritenour sound that is incredible.   Kirk from Dallas TX
  • "John, do you give lessons."  Heard from many, many guitar players.

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It's cool, its smooth, it's light, it's deep.  It's NovaZanz.

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